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Ambassadors For Christ

Ambassadors For Christ National Ministries Inc. was founded in 1980 and is committed to evangelizing the world with the gospel of Christ. Dr. Ronald Reilly is founder and president of this evangelistic ministry, which is designed to stir the Christian home, and individual, and to reach the lost with the gospel through revival meetings in local churches. AFC ministries also conducts youth conferences, youth leadership courses, and couples clinics. Dr. Reilly also speaks in high schools and colleges, dealing with the problems, challenges, and issues of young people.

Ron and his wife, Nancy, began a unique missionary trip in 1968 to reach the youth of America on spring break at Daytona Beach, Florida. With 20 sold out teenagers and their chaperones, the young people spent one day witnessing to the high school and college young people on their spring break. Two hundred and thirty three people were won to Christ! This has grown into a nation wide ministry with young people from churches across America spending three days of witnessing of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, just go to our missions’ trip page and sign up now. We pray that by visiting our site you will be blessed and find spiritual help.

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