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Lecce Christian Mission

Charles & Jessie Lee Troyer went to Italy in 1953. They began their work in Lecce in 1954. They held Bible School and church services in their home until 1957 when a church was rented. In 1980 a church location and apartment for the Troyers was purchased. Another part of their ministry has been a Christian Service camp for churches in southern Italy. Charles passed away in July 1988.

Since that time, Jessie Lee with the help of Pino Neglia and other faithful leaders have carried on the work of the Lord. Pino attended Cincinnati Bible College for one year to prepare him for full-time service as an evangelist.

The work areas of Lecce Christian Mission are as follows: teaching and preaching in the Church of Christ in Lecce, teaching in the Southern Bible College, personal evangelism, Bible studies, evangelism campaign in public squares, conference in public halls, writing, translation, publication of articles for Christian journals, teaching in Christian Service camps.

Pino has also made many trips to Romania and Albania. He holds seminars on the Bible helping to train leaders.

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