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Are You Stimulated?

Extra Extra Read All About It!

It seems all the buzz lately has been surrounded around Stimulus Checks. The questions being asked by everyone is “Did you get your stimulus check yet”? “What are you planning on doing with it”? “What is the purpose”? The list could go on and on.

So, of course, we all know that money has been issued out to the American citizens to motivate us to spend that money so to give the economy a much-needed boost towards positive gains instead of the continued losses that it has seen in the last couple months due to the quarantine of self-isolation due to COVID-19.

I wanted to remind each of us that, just like our government has issued us payments to motivate us to do the good that we know needs to be done to get the economy on the right track; that our Heavenly Father has issued out payment to His people as motivation to do what we know needs to be done for the Kingdom. That payment was issued out in the form of His One and Only Son Jesus Christ.

· Through Him, we have access to God (Eph 2:18, Heb 10:19, Jn 14:6)

· Through Him, we have access to Forgiveness and Eternal Life. (Acts 2:38, Heb 7:25)

· Through Him, we have access to Joy & Peace (Rom 14:17, Rom 5:1-5, Jn 15:11, Gal 5:22-23

Unless we simply put a blind eye to it, it is clearly seen that if we are not stimulated (motivated) to use our God-given gifts to contribute in the building up of the church we have only one person to point that finger at.

I encourage us all to see that this period of furlough is also a gift from God to realign our Worldview.

To see that all those “things” that consumed so much of our time, money, and efforts;

in the big picture of it all, really isn’t that necessary or fulfilling.

Ephesians tells us that God has given us these gifts “for the equipping of the saints, for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ” (4:12 NKJV). Another way to translate this verse is “to equip God’s people for work and His service.”

The word equip in the original language means “to put something back to its original condition.” It is also a phrase that speaks of putting a bone back into place again.

The idea is that we are getting back to God’s original order when we do it this way when we function as the church ought to function.

It is a wonderful blessing when you start giving out what God has given to you, as you become a part of His purpose for the church.

  • Aaron Jones

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