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Creation Speaks - A Little Rest

Today, a song I had not heard in a very long time was played on a Christian radio station. The song is We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles & Trials. One of the lines in the lyrics says, “I’m going to sit down with my Jesus and rest a little while.”

As I listened to the song I thought about that physical rest and how vital it is to our bodies. But the rest the song speaks of is not physical rest. A fifteen minute period of rest or napping will refresh our bodies for a few hours, then we need recharged again.

The quality of the rest meant here is like that referred to in Genesis 47:29 where Jacob (Israel) knows his death is near. He calls his son, Joseph, to him with instructions for his burial, when he is resting with his fathers.

When Moses’ death was imminent God called him to Himself to instruct him concerning Joshua, who would don the mantle of leadership. God said to Moses, in Deuteronomy 31:16, “You are going to rest with your fathers. This rest indicates a reunion with those who have gone before and are resting in the presence of God.

Jacob’s and Moses’ rests are permanent rests; one which continually, eternally refresh, even to this day, and beyond.

When we compare our physical rest to the eternal rest we will enjoy as we sit down with Jesus and rest a little while, it is somewhat daunting to imagine the magnitude of that rest which is awaiting us when we lay down our trouble and trials, and finally sit down with Jesus and rest a little while.

A little while will actually never end. That little while will last through eternity.

The author of the lyrics of the song, Cleavant Derricks, penned these words in the third verse: I shall behold his blessed face,

I shall feel his matchless grace,

We'll soon be done with troubles and trials;

O what peace and joy sublime In that home of love divine, And I’m going to Sit down beside my Jesus, Lord, I'm gonna Sit down and rest a little while.

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