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Our Abnormal World

In 1968 apologist Francis Schaeffer wrote in a letter: "We live in an abnormal world and all kinds of things do exist, but this does not make them right."

Thousands of years of history will most assuredly bear witness to the truth of this statement. The world, except in the very early days of its creation, has existed in an abnormal state. And why is it abnormal? Simply because while God Almighty, its Creator formed perfection, man has turned that perfection into a state of abnormality, also known as immorality.

And while mankind, since the beginning, has looked upon his abnormal world and pronounced it right and good, has there ever been a period of history in which so many abnormal elements have been declared and "deemed" o k?

Schaeffer spoke the truth. Acceptance of what is abnormal (by God's standards) does not make it right.

Look at the issues coming to the forefront in just the past 40 years. Issues which throughout all the centuries of this earth were considered sin, and therefore, abnormal.

Homosexuality, abortion, adultery, and many other issues all have experienced a degree of acceptability by huge numbers of the world's population.

As mankind has openly expressed his desire to participate in these sins, he has veiled them with descriptions which he hopes will sound and appear to cause the sin to become acceptable. And thus, his conscience is soothed. When his sin is accepted and applauded by the masses as o k, he may freely indulge in them without scorn and shame.

For example:

Homosexuality becomes an "alternate lifestyle;

Abortion becomes a woman's right to make a choice.

Do we see a pattern here? The pattern is this --- mankind has decided that God's standards are too limited and without options. So, he thinks in his depraved mind, "I need to be able to make choices for MYSELF and to determine what I believe is right or wrong."

The decisions people make about these issues in their lives stem from their view that "I am all that matters." "No man or woman has a right to tell me how to live MY life, because I control my actions and can very well make those decisions for MYSELF. Not even God has a right to lay down a law that determines right from wrong. That is for me to decide for MYSELF."

When mankind finally gets everything he wants his way, the world will still be abnormal.

But, when God determines it is time for the true judgment of right and wrong, and He sends His Son to gather His people to Him, the truth will be revealed to all, including to the MYSELFers, and MYSELF will not matter.

All that will matter is Him, and those who look to HIM rather than SELF will finally know and live in the world of perfection God created in the beginning for those who love Him and Him alone.

Gary K Fair

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