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Why Do You Come to the Table?

Often times, we do things for the wrong reason, because no one ever asked why or no one ever took the time and explained the real reasons. Every Sunday, we set aside a special time during the worship service to eat a piece of bread and drink a little cup of grape juice and there are some who really do not know why. For some, it is just something they do each Lord’s Day without much forethought of what it represents.

Listed below are 12 reasons why we gather around the Lord’s Table each Sunday.

I’m at the Lord’s Table (repeat before each reason):

1. Because if I’m not, I have no life in me… John 6:53

2. To remain steadfast… Acts 2:42

3. To be raised up at the last day… John 6:54

4. To proclaim the Lord’s death till He come… 1 Cor 11:26

5. Because it’s commanded of me… 1 Cor 11:24

6. To have Him remain in me…John 6:56

7. For the remission of my sins… Matthew 26:28

8. To do this in remembrance of Him… Luke 22:19

9. To have eternal life… John 6:54

10.To avoid judgment… 1 Cor 11:32

11.To participate in the body and blood of Jesus… 1 Cor 10:16

12.To remain in Christ… John 6:56

These 12 reasons are based on scripture, as to why we are at the Lord’s Table each Lord’s Day. There is no other reason that is more important.

It is not only recorded in scripture, but it is written in our hearts. We gather at the Lord’s Table out of sheer love and gratitude for all He has done for us. We want to proclaim to the whole world that we are sorry… that our sins… took Him to the Cross. We will be at His Table each week till we either die or He returns, whichever comes first.

PRAYER: Lord, we pray that You would still our minds and quiet our hearts as we approach this communion table today. We ask that You would draw each one of us into ever closer fellowship with Yourself, as we partake together of the bread and wine, in grateful remembrance of what You did for each one of us, on Calvary’s cross.

Help me Lord, to approach this communion table with reverence and godly fear, as we share together in the bread and the cup. Lord, we remember how on the same night that You were betrayed You took a piece of bread, and blessed it and broke it, and gave it to Your disciples and said. “eat this in remembrance of Me.”

We also remember how You then took the cup and told them. “this is the new covenant in My blood, do this in remembrance of Me.” Lord, we partake of this bread and drink this cup in remembrance of what You did on our behalf, on Calvary’s cross, and praise and glorify Your holy name. AMEN!

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